Know & Go: Helping Students Learn Together

Illustration of a timer on the 15-minute mark and speech bubbles representing collaborative learning.


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Each Know & Go session this week will focus on one area of creating an environment for helping students learn together effectively, a concept also known as collaborative learning. Each session includes a 15-min presentation of selected concepts, resources, strategies, or activity designs followed by 15-min Q&A. The goal is to provide some nuggets of knowledge and strategies to inspire learning more about designing and facilitating group learning. You may attend any or all sessions. No registration is required.

Daily Themes:
Monday: Integrating Collaborative Learning into Your Curriculum
Tuesday: Designing Collaborative Activities or Assignments
Wednesday: Preparing Students to Work Together 
Thursday: Facilitating Collaborative learning
Friday: Assessing Collaborative Learning

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Facilitated by: Erin Galyen, Kristin Winet, and Mascha Gemein