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An instructional designer is having a kick-off meeting with an instructor to plan a course design and development.

Designing for student success

Our Instructional Design team applies research, theory, and best practices in online education to help you create courses that are student-focused, forward-thinking, and academically challenging.

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Learn About the Instructional Design Process

Instructional design is the process of analyzing the learning needs of the students to create courses that are effective and engaging. Our team works with you to design your course, develop evaluation tools, and select the right education technology and media services. Our support doesn’t end once students have taken their final exam. Course development is an iterative process that recognizes there is always room for innovation. Our continuous improvement strategy is designed to provide support and guidance as you reflect on your course experience and make changes for the next offering.

Instructional Design Consultations

If you would like to meet with an instructional designer to discuss a specific topic as you are developing your course, we offer 30 minute consultations.

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