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Making program assessment practices meaningful.

The University of Arizona values student learning and the evaluation of learning outcomes. As part of this commitment, all undergraduate and graduate programs are required to submit an annual assessment report. These reports outline the findings from the assessment of student learning outcomes and detail the actions taken to enhance student learning based on these findings. Demonstrating the full cycle of assessment, from gathering evidence to implementing improvements, is crucial not only for maintaining national accreditation but also for showcasing the University's dedication to continuously enhancing student performance.

The Assessment Team can support programs with their assessment by:

  • Providing guidance on creating clear and measurable learning outcomes at a high cognitive level.
  • Helping faculty and staff develop direct and indirect measures to create a sustainable assessment plan.
  • Training your assessment coordinator or representative in Planning and Self Study for annual assessment reporting.
  • Working with programs to develop rubrics or other evaluation tools.
  • Collaborating with programs undergoing their 7-yr Academic Program Review (APR).

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Learning Outcomes and Assessment Requirements

All undergraduate majors and graduate programs must have a set of Program Learning Outcomes developed by the faculty and clearly articulated to the students. Each outcome must have at least one direct and one indirect measure of student learning. The results and findings are reported on an annual basis, and action plans are developed based on them. 

If you are new to assessment or need a refresher, the Academic Program Learning Assessment Guide can assist you in getting started. 

Submitting Annual Assessment Reports: Planning & Self-Study 

At least one individual within each unit is appointed as the assessment lead, responsible for uploading the annual assessment plan, results, findings, and subsequent actions into the Planning and Self-Study system. Our Assessment Team is available to provide training or refresher sessions to support this process. Additionally, we have created video tutorials that serve as a valuable resource for assessment leads to refer to as needed.

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UArizona Assessment Resources

The Student Learning Outcomes Annual Assessment Report summarizes the impact of program learning outcomes assessment across campus and highlights the assessment team's other activities.

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This newsletter provides timely assessment information and deadlines, best practices, and other assessment-related resources. 

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