Video & Audio Production

UCATT's Multimedia Studio manager is directing a video shoot session.

Harness the power of visual storytelling.

Our in-house team of expert multimedia specialists is committed to helping you create transformative learning experiences for students.

Studio Production

Whether you want to record a lecture, provide a demonstration, get creative with a green screen, or produce high-quality audio content such as audio stories, sound recordings, or professional podcasts, we have creative solutions to match your teaching goals. 

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Schedule a Consultation

To ensure a smooth and successful production experience, we've created comprehensive preparation guides to help you plan and feel confident throughout the process.

Preparing for a Studio Shoot

Preparing for a Field Shoot

Best for capturing fluid, natural content such as lectures and demonstrations. Ideal when you want a polished, broadcast-quality production without extensive post-production editing.

Best for engaging, in-depth conversations with experts or guests. The dedicated set ensures a professional, visually appealing result focusing on the discussion.

Best for adding customized, dynamic backgrounds or visual effects to enhance your message. Ideal for creating a specific atmosphere or uniquely presenting information.

Best for delivering scripted content with confidence and precision. Perfect for presentations, speeches, or any situation where staying on message is crucial.

Best for connecting with remote guests while maintaining a professional, visually engaging presentation. Ideal for interviews, panel discussions, or collaborations with experts worldwide.

Best for presentations that require real-time annotations, problem-solving demonstrations, or visual explanations. Ideal for instructional content, brainstorming sessions, or technical explanations.

Best for projects that require versatility and adaptability. The specialized lighting and flexible setup suit various needs, from dramatic presentations to interviews and beyond.

Best for intimate, high-quality podcast sessions with up to four participants. The professional-grade equipment and inviting atmosphere create an ideal setting for engaging, dynamic conversations that sound polished and professional.

Best for recording top-notch voiceovers, narration, and other audio elements for various creative projects. The superior microphones and soundproofing ensure pristine vocal capture, whether working with a single voice or multiple talents.

Field Production

Video Field Production

Our field production services are designed to bring your vision to life, whether creating documentary-style videos, capturing guest lectures, designing virtual field trips, showcasing demonstrations, aerial footage, or presenting student and faculty work. We'll guide you through every step of the process, from concept refinement and location scouting to script writing, filming, editing, voiceovers, and graphics.

Audio Field Production

Audio captured outside the classroom or studio can be a powerful learning tool. For example, you can let foreign language learners hear pronunciation from a native speaker, bring sounds recorded outside (birdsong, concert music, eyewitness accounts, etc.) into the classroom, record interviews with leading experts or researchers, or create podcasts about topics related to your content. Connect with us to see how we can help you create effective audio content for your courses that will engage and inspire your students.

A close-up of a microphone in UCATT's podcast studio.

Do-It-Yourself Multimedia

We offer a range of video and audio recording spaces and support levels for those who prefer to do it themselves.

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