Congratulations CCT and CIRTL Graduates!

May 30, 2024
Illustration of UArizona graduation celebration

Graduate students and postdocs are essential teachers at our institution, and we are lucky to have learned from them in two different teaching programs. This year, we had 36 graduates from the Certificate in College Teaching (CCT) and the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) programs. 

The CCT is a 10-credit Graduate Interdisciplinary Program where students across all disciplines hone their teaching skills and practices – focusing on learner-centered design and incorporating evidence-based practices into the classroom. 

CIRTL is a collaboration with UCATT and Academic Affairs for STEM graduate students and postdocs with three levels – associate, practitioner, and scholar – where participants form a community, conduct teaching as research, and incorporate inclusive teaching practices into their classrooms. 

Please join us in celebrating the 2023-2024 graduates of these two instrumental programs:

CIRTL Graduates 

CCT Graduates

Associate Level 1

Devon Cobos Garcia

Andrew Legan


Practitioner Level 2

Ethan Taber

Sushma Akoju

Paola Castro Flores

Heather Gahler

Joanna Joseph

Oluchi Kanma-Okafor

Josie Mazzone


Scholar Level 3

Alex Whitecotton

Geoffrey Finch

Keila Espinoza

Faqryza Ab Latif


Postdoc Pathways (combined Level 1 & 2)

Natalie Iannuzo

Alyssa Sachs

Sefiu Adewuyi

Adrienne Brown

Zicheng Deng

Afzaal Nadeem Mohammed

Jessie Erikson

Jessie Golding

Pamela Pelletier

Gemma Purser

Desiree Andersen

Patricia Chilton

Katrina Dotzler

Eva-Lou Edwards

Heather Gahler

Hyeonchang Gim

Fatima Jebahi

Nicholas Juricic

Annalysa Lovos

Kimberly Parra

Ethan Taber

Yanan Wang

Alex Whitecotton