Online Proctoring

A student is taking an exam on her laptop computer, while using online proctoring software.

The Guidelines for Online Proctoring use have been refined. Please review the Online Proctoring Alternatives below, and contact us for additional resources and assistance in transitioning to more authentic forms of assessment.

For those who wish to begin or continue to use online proctoring, we are offering two proctoring solutions Honorlock and Examity. Online proctoring should only be used for high-stakes assessments such as midterms, finals, or certification exams. 

We will limit the use of online proctoring to fully online courses. Face-to-face or hybrid courses should utilize in-person exams or alternate forms of assessments.

Proctored Exam Guidelines

All exams and courses with online proctoring components must follow these requirements:

  • Request the use of online proctoring prior to the add/drop date of each semester. This varies depending on the course session.
  • Limit the use of online proctoring to fully online courses ONLY such as Arizona Online and iCourses. 
  • Course should include the syllabus language that communicates to students the use of online proctoring within the course.
  • Course should provide students access to the privacy and technology requirements for the tool chosen.
  • Exam availability must be set for a minimum of 48 hours for all proctored exams.
  • Prepare alternative assessments for students without adequate technology, testing space, or internet capabilities.

Honorlock logo


Honorlock offers a hybrid solution between automated and live proctoring. The Auto Proctoring with Live Pop-In allows completely on-demand exam sessions with an extra level of security. A.I. monitors exam sessions in the background and notifies proctors of suspicious activity. Proctors can then “pop-in” to exam sessions and provide real-time intervention or support.

If you would like to consider using Honrolock for your exams, please fill out the Honorlock Course Registration Form and a team member will reach out to schedule your Honorlock training and course activation.

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Examity provides three levels of proctoring.

  1. Automated + Audit (Formerly known as automated Premium)
  2. Live Authentication + Audit (Formerly Known as Live Standard)
  3. Live Proctoring (Formerly Known as Live Premium)

Please Note: Because of the high cost of live proctoring, requests for Live Proctoring (Formerly Known as Live Premium) now require Department Chair approval. Requests are being approved only when absolutely necessary for exams, such as for certification exams, or on a very limited, case-by-case basis, for high-stakes assessments where students may benefit from experience with live proctoring as future credentialing will require it.


If you would like to consider using Examity for your exams, please fill out the Examity Course Registration Form and a team member will reach out to schedule your Examity training and course import.

Live proctoring requests now require Department Chair approval, which is granted on a limited case-by-case basis by submitting the Live Proctoring Request Form.

Online Proctoring Alternatives

D2L Quizzes

  • Utilize D2L Tools (question pools, randomization, timed exams, etc)
  • Use date/time restrictions for exam access
  • Build assessments with complex, application, and reflective questions
  • Focus on building a Culture of Honesty

Authentic Assessment

Assessment Design Support

Need Help?

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