Creating an Interactive Syllabus to Engage your Students from the Beginning of Class

Dec. 5, 2022

Are you tired of receiving email after email asking you questions about material covered in the syllabus? Are you looking for a better way to direct students to the important information they need to be successful in your course? If so, then an interactive syllabus is the option you are looking for.

An instructor is creating a course syllabus to engage with their class



Follow these steps to create your own interactive syllabus.

  1. Determine the most important aspects of your syllabus that you want to emphasize.  Focus on the areas that you typically get the most questions about.
  2. Write a script for your video
  3. Keep it short (7-10 minutes)
  4. Practice, practice, practice
  5. Record your video 
  6. Utilize a tool such as PlayPosit or H5P to insert questions and interactions for students to complete.
  7. Add to your course.