Stephanie Tammen

Instructional Design Manager

Stephanie Tammen is a Manager of Instructional Design and leads a team who specializes in bringing science, engineering, and medical courses and labs online.

The University of Arizona has a special place in Stephanie's heart because it is where she earned a B.S. in Nutrition Science, and where her interest in science was sparked. Stephanie was training to become a scientist before getting deeply invested in education and science communication. She received a Ph.D. in Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition at Tufts University where she studied how chronic alcohol consumption promoted colorectal cancer via alterations to the epigenome.

Since stepping away from the lab bench, Stephanie has held many roles in online education. She has helped to connect biomedical scientists to high school biology instructors via an online professional development program, and in her current position has worked with faculty to bring over 50 science courses or labs online. She is most interested in providing authentic science experiences to students, and in creating learning environments that foster inclusion and belonging.


  • B.S. Nutrition Science, University of Arizona
  • M.S. Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition, Tufts University
  • Ph.D. Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition, Tufts University