Holly Graff

Holly Graff

Instructional Designer
Holly Graff

Holly is an instructional designer for Digital Learning. Holly has her Master's degree in Legal Studies from the University of Arizona, where she has focused on compliance, risk management, and regulatory science. Holly earned her undergraduate degree in Public Health, where she focused on practice and education. Holly has been an online student throughout her academic career. Holly is passionate about legal compliance and higher education. She believes that online education should be engaging and accessible allowing all types of learners to be successful.

In her free time, Holly loves trying new foods. You can catch her with her family on an adventure, reading a book, or probably binge-watching one of her favorite movies/television series while enjoying a perfect cup of coffee or espresso.


  • Master's of Legal Studies, Compliance & Risk Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Regulatory Science
  • Bachelor's in Public Health