Gary Darnell

Senior Multimedia Specialist

Gary Darnell is currently a Senior Media Specialist. He has worked at the University of Arizona in the media field for 13 years. Prior to joining the staff, he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts from the University of Arizona in 2000. He also worked at Pima Community College in their Media Department while he was a student and after he received his Associate’s Degree in Media Arts. In his current position, he works with clients, including professors, department directors, and program managers, to determine multimedia needs. His work on projects includes videotaping, running studio productions, editing projects, preparing video and audio files for internet streaming, and producing podcasts. He also provides training and mentorship to staff and student technicians. He was born in Oxford, England, but completed the majority of his primary education in the United States. He attended high school in Tucson, Arizona, which is where his interest in the media arts began.