Brian Hale

Instructional Designer

An instructional design expert with more than 20 years of experience, Brian has designed and directed training programs for America Online (AOL), Time Warner, Carondelet Hospitals, and Intuit TurboTax.

Brian enjoys working with all levels of organizations to captivate and challenge learners by adding interactivity, storytelling, and gamification to training. Having been subjected to many less-than-stellar training modules over the years, his desire is to have learners leave a course practicing evangelism marketing: telling their friends how great a course and instructor were, because they connected with the content and could directly apply the knowledge, and, to help faculty explore new ways to take their current materials and make them engaging for their learners.

During his 11-year career with AOL, Brian developed their first web-based training courses, created and refined blog platforms, introduced audio blogging, and more, helping shape today’s internet experiences. At Carondelet, he helped transition hospital and physician practices from paper to electronic health records, training over 5,000 Physicians, RNs, and other staff, increasing patient satisfaction and exceeding government mandates for record accuracy. While at Intuit, he redesigned the technical support and CPA training to increase effectiveness for employees and customers and instituted industry standard course design practices.

Outside of work, Brian is an actor, sound/light operator, and promo video producer at The Gaslight Theatre, entertaining 250 people a night with family-friendly humor.