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Completing the SCS for your courses provides valuable feedback to the instructor and is an opportunity to reflect on your own learning experience. 

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Student FAQs

SCSs are voluntary and anonymous. Instructors will only see the total number of responses by question. They cannot see how individual students have answered. Instructors will only receive the SCS responses after final grades have been posted.

Students can view SCS reports for past courses to see how other students felt about their learning in the course.

From the SCS Online Suite, use the ASUA Reports tab. Anybody with a UArizona net id can view the ASUA Student Report although it is designed for student use.

Your first-hand course experience can provide valuable information about your learning during the semester. Your feedback helps instructors improve their teaching by identifying what facilitated your learning, what difficulties you faced, and how well you understood and learned from the instructional methods used in the course. In addition, as you complete the SCS, you will reflect on what helped you learn, which can help you guide your own learning in future classes.

If you have specific feedback about the course or instructor that you could not provide on the survey, we encourage you to e-mail the department chair/school director with your comments.

We ask about your learning experiences in your courses to give instructors the student perspective so they can make changes to how they teach.