Chloe Loos

Chloe Loos

Instructional Designer
Chloe Loos

Chloe is an Instructional Designer with the University Center for Assessment, Teaching, and Technology, working to develop engaging and effective learning experiences.

She holds an M.P.A. and B.A. in Theatre Arts and Film Studies, both from the University of Arizona. Before joining the University Center for Assessment, Teaching, and Technology, she worked with UArizona International’s micro campus program and has served many roles on campus throughout her 10+ years with the University. Previously, she worked in nonprofit communication and education and has worked professionally in theatre and film, predominantly as a dramaturg.

Chloe is passionate about developing impactful and engaging learning opportunities for students through accessible, inclusive design and collaborative, humanistic pedagogies. An avid gamer, she is interested in developing identities, building communities, and promoting problem-solving in digital spaces.

In her free time, Chloe enjoys traveling, trivia, and spending time with her two cats, dog, and husband.


  • M.P.A., B.A. Theater Arts & Film Studies, University of Arizona