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An effective, simple assessment program of student learning provides a solid foundation for future program enhancements. Detailed information on how to create each of the basic components is provided or you can contact us with any questions. 


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Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

Program student learning outcomes (SLOs) are clear, concise statements that describe how students can demonstrate their mastery of program goals (Allen, M., 2008). These statements identify the knowledge, skills, or attitudes that students will be able to demonstrate, represent, or produce upon successful completion of the program.

Learn more about how to develop SLOs.

Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum mapping is a method to align instruction with desired goals and program outcomes. It can also be used to explore what is taught and how.

Learn more about how to develop a curriculum map.

Assessment Plan

Assessment activities or measures should align with learning outcomes and clearly answer the question: How can we check that this learning outcome is being met by our students? Start by defining one direct and one indirect measure for each outcome.  You do NOT need a separate assessment for each outcome; some assessments may measure more than one learning outcome.

Learn more about how to develop an assessment plan.

Reporting the Assessment Findings

Assessment findings are meant to improve teaching and learning as well as inform planning and decision making

Learn more about how to report your findings

Assessment Resource Publications

For a more in-depth dive into assessment, we recommend the following publications:

Learning Assessment in Academic Program Review

Academic Program Review (APR) occurs every seven years. The purpose of APR is to examine, assess, and strengthen programs. For an in-depth understanding of this process, please visit the UArizona APR website

Student learning outcomes assessment is a critical part of the APR process. All undergraduate and graduate programs are required to report on their program’s learning outcome assessment on an annual basis. 

Our assessment specialists will contact units undergoing APR to provide consultations and guidance to address the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment requirements and reporting in the assessment software. They also meet regularly with units to discuss results and the next steps for improvement.

View the Assessment Evaluation Rubric

Faculty-Driven Process For Program Level Assessment of Student Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes. Assessment Measures. Data Collection and Analysis. Assessments Findings. Program Improvement Action Plan.